Set against a backdrop of the Orange marching season, Graham and Joe are drawn into a secret pact to help a young asylum seeker and his Glaswegian girlfriend when all they really want to do is play football for Glasgow City. Can friendship pull them through?

A gripping tale about two boys, one Celtic fan, one Rangers fan, who must find their own answers in a divided world.


In 2010, the musical version of Theresa Breslin's novel was created by the Citizens' Theatre and the Glasgow City Council as part of Creative Scotland's Youth Music Initiative programme. Since then, new productions were staged at the Citizens' Theatre in 2011, Hamilton Town Hall (in partnership with South Lanarkshire Council), and in Londonderry as part of their Capital of Culture celebrations in 2013. Currently the primary school version is being performed by 48 North Lanarkshire primary schools between January 2014- March 2015 as part of a large scale outreach project by the Citizens' Theatre and North Lanarkshire Council. The primary school version has recently been published by Bloomsbury. 


  PROJECTS: Divided City  


Claire McKenzie


Book & Lyrics

Martin Travers


Original Book by

Theresa Breslin


" a score by Claire McKenzie that produces some breaktaking set-pieces and some stunning moments of lyricism"

The Scotsman


" Melodic anthems that celebrate Glasgow have a catchy vitality that makes you want to sing along"

The Herald


"The songs unerringly hit the mark...Claire McKenzie's score has a real feel for the situations and challenges faced by the young characters"

The Herald