Claire has recently completed a residency at the Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh for the 2014/ 15 Season. During this time she created new scores for the CATS Award-Winning Caucasian Chalk Circle, as well as The Venetian Twins, Hedda Gabler, Faith Healer and The BFG.

The live music and song carries out its disruptive-yet-informative purpose whilst combining the disconcerting sounds of Weimar German cabaret with post-punk rock music and country and western.


Everyone with a heartbeat should see it, or be poorer for missing it.


It is Claire McKenzie's live score that powers the narrative, and Sarah Swire leads the cast with a mix of punk-folk fury, country laments and out-and-out swing in an all too necessary display of strength through joy.


Most startling of all is Sarah Swire in the role of musical narrator, leading the band through Claire McKenzie's superb score...

...Not only is it ambitious, but it pulls off its attempt to fuse large-scale ensemble playing and all-hands-on-deck music. It's a tremendous show.


Claire McKenzie has, with startling success, crashed various popular musics into the score.


The Lyceum's artistic director Mark Thomson strikes gold with his choice of an appropriately demented score by Claire McKenzie.


Don't be surprised to find your feet still tapping to the irresistable rhythm of the revolution when the show finally comes to an end.


Winner of the CATS Award for Best Production

Nominated for Best Music and Sound

The BFG played at the Lyceum for the Christmas 2014-15 Season. A new score was written for the David Wood adaptation of the Roahl Dahl classic.  

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